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Cloud Cake

Floating Above Allergens 🎈 Our Cloud Cakes are crafted with care to be as inclusive as the sky is vast. Every Cloud Cake is nut, gluten, soy, egg, and dairy free. Some sprinkle options may contain soy. All Cloud Cakes do contain dyes, Yellow-5, Yellow-6, Red-3, Blue-1

A Sky Full of Sharing 🌤️ Our Cloud Cake is designed to sprinkle happiness on many faces! Our Cloud Cake will serve 12 adults

A Fluff That Defies Time ⏳ When stored in its cloud sanctuary (original airtight container away direct sunlight), your Cloud Cake will maintain peak fluffiness for up to 4 weeks. Be mindful of humidity, as it will rapidly deflate your cake when outside of its container

Safe in the Cloud ☁️🔐 To keep your Cloud Cake as fluffy as the day it was spun, store it in its original airtight container. Avoid storing it in the refrigerator or near heat sources and away from moisture, as this may cause your Cloud to rain (aka deflate).

The Gentle Cloud Cutter ☁️ Slicing your Cloud Cake is like shaping clouds in the sky. With any dry knife, simply cut through it like any other cake, embracing each tender cloud in every slice. Dish out pieces of Cloud Nine!

Light Up the Sky 🎇 Absolutely! Add cake toppers or candles to make your Cloud Cake even more magical. Gently press them into the cake. Just be careful, as the cake is fluffy and delicate. Any holes placed into the cake will be permanent, so make sure your placement is accurate. 

Craft Your Cloud 🎨 Unfortunately, at this time, we do not allow for any customizations of our Cloud Cakes.


Scheduling the Cloud Arrival 🗓️ To ensure your Cloud Cake descends from the heavens at the perfect time for your event, select a delivery date 3-5 days before the big day. This buffer will keep you floating effortlessly, even if there are slight shipping breezes. And don't worry; our Cloud Cake stays fresh and fluffy for up to 4 weeks inside its original sealed container. 

Winds May Shift 🌬️ We strive to have your Cloud Cake delivered by the date you choose, but sometimes the winds of delivery can be unpredictable. If your order descends from the skies later than expected, please contact our Customer Care Team at support@thecloudcake.com for assistance.

Clouds Have Their Ups and Downs 🌥️ We craft our Cloud Cakes to be as resilient as the sweetest daydream, but sometimes they can have a little tumble in transit. Don't worry! A 3-5% shrinkage is typical due to vibrations during shipping. If your cake has experienced more than a hiccup, please contact our Customer Care Team at support@thecloudcake.com with your order number and "Cake Shrinkage" in the title so we can rush out a replacement ASAP. 

Fluffy Updates, Just a Click Away! 🍥 Keeping tabs on your sweet treat is a piece of cake! As soon as your Cloud Cake Cotton Candy order has started its cloud-like journey, you will receive an email with a tracking number. Just click the link and watch your cake float toward you in real-time.

Clouds on the Horizon 🌈 Your Cloud Cake will typically set sail 2-3 business days after placing your order. Transit times vary based on your Cloud's destination. For a more precise delivery estimate, peek into your email for the tracking link.

Clouds Across the States 🇺🇸🚚 At Cloud Cake Cotton Candy, we're painting the skies with sweetness exclusively within the United States. From sea to shining sea, our clouds can reach any corner of the U.S.